BioMIMICRY design

-Sustainable innovations inspired by nature-

"I'm not trying to imitate nature, I'm trying to find the principles she's using." ~ Buckminster Fuller.

Living Structures. The creative method reflects its central relevance in biomimetics, (together with biophilia  and permaculture principles). Gaining inspiration from nature isn't a novel concept but a repeating theme in human history. However modern biomimicry is far from just copying nature's shapes. It includes systematic design and problem-solving processes, which are now being refined by scientists, engineers and designers worldwide.

freeDOME bioPOD  is a bionic load-bearing shell structure inspired by insects, especially coleoptera (ladybugs) not just morphologically but mostly for their structural, material and mechanical properties (as their lightweight exoskeleton, the strength, flexibility and waterproofing of their elytra).


Specially we are mimicking the bending properties of their wings, for biomimetic design application: like the coleoptera, the Pod is equipped with a dual system of opening wings where the elytra (upper wing) provides energy and protection to the hind-wings, two inflatable/expandable membranes that, when open, triple the Pod's volume.


The two resulting bubbles on the opposite wings can be opportunely equipped with the COVID-19 treatment instruments, providing isolation bubbles for two people, meanwhile allowing them to connect with the natural environment. They can also be used as cafes, offices, studios, classrooms, showroom, and for many other personal-social needs. Furthermore, we are studying biomimetic applications of the beautiful structural colours and texture of beetles forewings for customisation and camouflage purposes.





FreeDOME Is 100% a bio-inspired project which mimics many aspects of the insect world, and its social structure. The project explores social insects colonies collective behaviour - in entomology called eusociality - and Indigenous communities as fundamental sources of inspiration for a new self and social organization proposal, sustainable and resilient.

Visual comparison between insects and bipod designs

bioMORPHIC design

Cross folding in the beetles wings (1-2) and biomimetic design application (3).

Forewing cross section (in Materials Science and Engineering C 55 May 2015)

Different structural colors and microstructure of the forewing found in several types of beetles (J. Chen et al./in Materials Science and Engineering C 55 -2015/ 605-619).

Coleoptera’s structural colors and patterns - POD’s customisation possibilities