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“Is it too late for us to learn from Aboriginal people how to care for our wide and

colourful land, and how to tread lightly on its surface?”

Allowing communities enter into a direct relationship with nature so that they can effectively ensure their survival and that of future generations. This is a spiritual and physical proposal much deeper and more effective than creating national parks or just protected areas.

To become truly resilient we must take a step back, learn to simplify our habitus and habitat from the

OLDEST CIVILIZATION, and move forward with smarter solutions toward the NEXT CIVILIZATION This can be the moment in human history when ADVERSITY and DIVERSITY become source of evolution and not barriers anymore. Only by learning the lesson from nature we can create a more sustainable, connected and resilient world, as Indigenous Australians did before.

 'step back to move forward,

tomorrow will be less.'


-Serena Fiorelli-


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