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Updated: Jun 4, 2020

From the resilient world of Indigenous people (and insects), instructions for living…

With the issue of epidemics, and the fast growing young-urban population, new strategies must be found for creating the places where young people can live and work, and the mobility systems that connect them, in order to meet the profound challenges of the future.

freeDOME "bioPod" is a mobile “mini studio-home” for sustainable, free and semi-nomadic lifestyles, in particular for young remote workers, with many benefits for both “human and urban metabolism.” It is a multifunctional and inter-connective bio-shell for all (especially millennials), where to live, work and think, while acquiring healthier and sustainable behaviours, fulfilling the need to belong to a community and reducing their ecological footprint. For a sustainable integration between humans and natural habitats, through a biomimetic and biophilic approach.

The biopod is part of a holistic project that goes from the micro scale of micro-housing to the macro scale of the territory regeneration. Referring to biological and ecological principles, “freeDOME” project is aimed at re-qualifying and connecting urban, peri-urban and/or rural neglected and under-used spaces, through an integrated smart system based on intelligent vehicular Pods and regenerative Camps. Here people can connect and share, grow their own food and develop a new form of work-life environment that can lead to a more inclusive, healthy, active and sustainable lifestyle, respecting the COVID-19 restrictions and the territory.

To become truly resilient we must take a step back, learn to simplify our habitus and habitat from the Oldest Civilizations and move forward with smarter solutions toward "the Next Civilisation." Only by learning the lesson from nature we can create a more sustainable, connected and resilient world, as Indigenous Australians did before.

“A Native Australian Encampment in Queensland.”

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